From the Wok and Cutting Board

Experience Fine Asian Cuisine

Harmonization of Mix & Match
The most important elements of the art of Asian cooking are:

* Color * Aroma *Flavor * Texture


Grain River Asian Bistro is where you will find delicious Asian cuisine at great prices, all combined in a soothing and charming atmosphere.

Our logo represents our philosophy here at Grain River Asian Bistro.

The concept of Yin and Yang is very prominent in the Asian culture.

In the art of cooking, you rarely find just one spice or seasoning in Asian cuisine, because it goes against the Yin and Yang.

Throughout the process of preparing the meals, to our staff delivering a pleasant dining experience, we strive to achieve the perfect harmonious balance of Mix & Match.

This concept of perfect balance weaves throughout our restaurant from the classification of the menu by flavors, the atmosphere, and the service.

The final dish we bring to your table is all done with dedication and heart.

We hope you will experience the harmonious balance of Mix & Match we strive to deliver.

Thank you for your patronage.


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